Why Choose Our Mobile Shoe Truck Service?


Our 53-foot trailer allows us to carry the largest onboard selection of safety shoes, period. More styles and sizes than any of our competitors! Your input determines the "truck inventory." The selected styles will provide maximum performance and protection in your specific work environment. We can assist you by recommending the very "best of the best" safety footwear in any given style or category. With the largest shoe truck in the business we have styles your employees want, the comfort they need...and the quality they deserve!


Our large truck allows us to carry an ample supply ½ sizes, wide, and extra wide widths, ensuring a proper fit for your employees. Our employees are well-trained in properly fitting each customer into the best footwear for their job.


We will be on-site when you need us. We can schedule a visit to accommodate one, two, or three shift operations. When required, we bring extra help to ensure your employees will be efficiently processed without sacrificing the quality service they deserve. We also excel in assisting your employees after our truck visit. We have dedicated employees that will promptly execute resolution to any problem that should arise. We take the work away from you and put it on us.


In addition to our everyday low pricing, you save purchasing, receiving, and dispensing costs. Our mobile shoe trucks is simply the most efficient and convenient way to administer a footwear program.


We can provide a customized invoice, designed to meet all your accounting requirements. You can receive an invoice sorted by employee name, company I.D., department, etc. We assist your payroll department too - by reporting payroll deduction and company contribution subsidies on each invoice. Furthermore, we can provide you with monthly purchasing reports in virtually any format you desire. Our information management system is designed to meet your needs - no matter how unique!


Danny, one of our Vice Presidents, has been driving the truck for over a decade, and he knows A LOT about boots. Your employees will not be disappointed with Danny's knowledge and help in the truck. He'll help guide them into the perfect shoe or boot for their job.

Our Second Mobile Shoe Truck

Do you have a smaller number of employees? Blue Collar Workwear has the luxury of being able to successfully service our smaller accounts with our "mini me" version of the larger mobile shoe truck. We can custom select the best styles for your employees based on their work environment and footwear restrictions. We do not skimp on knowledge, however, as we send out our latest addition to the Blue Collar Workwear team. Colin has been with our company for over 3 years and has tremendous drive for learning the most he possibly can about what is best for your employees. As a true apprentice to Dan he is sure to satisfy all of your company's needs.

Questions/Interested in a Visit?

If you have any questions or are interested in setting up a visit, please call Jenny, our Industrial Accounts Manager. You can fill out our application online, or download and complete our credit application and return by mail, email or fax.

Jenny Herrick | Industrial Accounts Manager

2380 Constitution Ave
Olean, NY 14760
P: 1.800.456.7013 x101
F: 716-375-2876

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