COFRA Thermic Black Metguard EH PR

Product Details:

Style: 00040CU3

MFG: Cofra
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Gender: Mens

Description :The COFRA Thermic boots feature a composite safety toe and a special polyurethane compound that is highly insulating, completely waterproof, and very resistant to harsh chemicals. This is rated as Metatarsal Protected boot. This protects against impact, which protects the instep against the accidental fall of heavy objects. For these reasons, it has become our best selling boot to those working in the oil and gas industry, or anyone who works outdoors throughout the winter months. COFRA Thermic boots are cold resistant to -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit!). For the best fit and comfort, also buy the optional COFRA Thermic Liner.

Size: Quantity:
Price: $118.00