COFRA Asphalt Boots

Product Details:

Style: Asphalt_Boots_82020_CU0

MFG: Cofra
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Gender: Mens

Description :Boots made specifically for asphalt workers! Cofra asphalt boots have a completely smooth and very heat resistant sole, along with a composite safety toe. Outsole is heat resistant for 8 hours at 212 Fahrenheit and up to 572 Fahrenheit for 1 minute of contact! Also has a thermic insole to insulate your foot from high temperatures and a puncture resistant fabric plate. We receive great feedback on these and have many repeat buyers! We stock all sizes and keep ample inventory, so we can supply your entire crew! If you have never worn asphalt boots you must give them a try!
These come in a wide width only to provide for a generous fit.

Size: Quantity:
Price: $90.00